Thursday, February 10, 2011

Coming up on a year...

Sigh...I can't believe it.  Jackie is going to be a year old on Monday.  Where did the time go?

Just days old...what happened to this little baby?

As I sit here formatting my blog, contemplating what to write about and what to share with the world, I periodically turn to the monitor to see my sleeping baby.  She will always be my baby...

I long for the days when she was a newborn, holding her for hours on end, staring at her while she sleeps because nothing else in the world matters.  Just a little person taking innocent breaths.

Today, she's a growing toddler...I savor the first glance I get every morning when she wakes...that smile.  That little laugh (okay, sometimes that cry - but it's still oh so cute).  I'm revisiting my blog (again) to record her milestones.  Admittedly, I've missed a few.  Okay - most of them...documenting them.  However, I will back-peddle as much as I can and recreate them on here from memory, before they disappear.  

I want her to have this blog, so she can look back and know how much we enjoy watching her grow.  Let her know how proud of her we are.  From the first smile (do I remember when that was?)  To her first word - "Dah da", and her second word "ba-nah-na"...and her third word..."Mah"(it had to make the list).  Thank goodness for Facebook - I'm sure I documented most of her milestones on there.  First tooth, the first time she sat up...the first time she had solid food...he he he...such good times.

Hopefully, this will become a habit for me.  For my daughter, and for my sanity...I hope you will enjoy!

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  1. I look forward to you posting for "Ms.J" but more for myself. I can't wait until your first blog about her first dance lesson. I can not wait to see her first recital.
    Much love to you all and KEEP SHARING!